Obsolescence of the Overleaves

"In _Messages from Michael_, Michael said, “Balance implies obsolescence of the overleaves.” They weren’t saying that when one is balanced, one no longer has overleaves, but that in balance, overleaves are not limiting factors. Overleaves are simply a framework. Taking any overleaf to an extreme pushes us into its negative pole."


I've never met anyone without overleaves. One cannot have a personality without overleaves. Overleaves make an essence more specific. Overleaves are partly how we can be so different from lifetime to lifetime, thereby having a greater variety of experiences.

A more balanced or enlightened person uses her overleaves more flexibly, suitably, and constructively. I imagine that even a highly enlightened person would still use the personality's default overleaves most of the time, just as one would use one's native language whenever possible, because it's easier.

Also from JOYS, here is a quote from my channeling of Michael:

"The more you are aligned with your essence, the more flexibly you use your overleaves. They are like a musical instrument. If you are a master of the violin, you find ways to get the best sound out of it. Rather than railing against its restrictions (it is not, after all, a trombone), you get it to do the things you want it to, something someone less skilled may not be able to do."

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