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Old Soul Description -- Helpful?

JEN: I thought this, from my Psychic Dictionary, would be of
interest here. Of course this describes someone who is
_manifesting_ the old soul age...



OLD SOUL - one who has been incarnated innumerable times or
who has learned a great deal during each incarnation; acts more
mature than the majority of people of his or her time; an expression
used as a reasonable or possible assumption why an individual has
one or more of the following characteristics: an extremely high
IQ, excels in creativity that is not always understood by the masses (but this
does not hinder his or her interest or activity in the
research), possesses hard-to-come-by personality traits; is free
from unnecessary worry both inside and outside; shows mature
characteristics at a very early age; acts from a different time
frame, consequently people do not easily understand this individual; people are
drawn to this soul's magnetic personality rather than to
what he or she stands for; is free from poor health in spite of
defying many rules of good health; leads a good righteous life; feels
material things are insignificant to the point that it bothers his
or her close friends and relatives.  

ANNH: I have to disagree. There appears to be a number of Old Souls who have health
problems. What does "mature" mean in this context? I know some pretty
immature-acting Old Souls. But they're fun! High IQ? Maybe there's wisdom, if
tapped, and probably for a number of Old Scholars, but high IQ (if we're talking
about the common definition) can be found in all soul ages and has never been an
aspect of Old Souls in the Michael Teachings.

Creativity...hmmm. In MFM (I think), it's said that eventually older souls turn
to the arts.

What's righteous life? 7th level Old kings "ride the rails." Is that righteous?
If righteous means " you do it your way, I'll do it my way," then that makes 
sense. Also, it could mean a desire not to incur karma with others. But
"righteous"? Ugh.

There are wealthy Old Souls. Now whether they care if they're wealthy or not is
another thing.

Although you mention "manifesting old soul" level, Old Souls still have issues. 
This description seems pretty pie-in-the-sky and cook-book-like. My feeling is
that it's much more subtle.


ED: I wonder if that is from the International Psychic 
Dictionary, by June Bletzer, paperback with a blue cover? I used to
 have a copy of that and it is one of the absolute finest works of pure
 scholarness in metaphysics I've ever seen. (Do you have one, Don R.?) 
And the definition below is accurate for the meaning of "old soul" 
outside of the specific Michael context.


JEN: Yes, that's the one! I've had it for 20 years now and it's been invaluable.


This is an interesting description of an old soul with many of the
characteristics that I have shown this lifetime, channeled to be 7th level old
and manifesting same,  however with poor health (weak joints, diabetes) and bad
eyesight, one must consider that the old soul can be making up from poor karma
and/or in re-evalution as I am this lifetime.
Everyone who is actually an old soul manifesting same will note that their
mileage may vary. 

DAVE: That definition is hierarchical and pretentious, in my opinion. It's a
puffed-up, unrealistic description of the old soul that's more idealistic than 

So many of these descriptions portray old souls as somehow above it all. I find
that amusing. Look at the mature soul, for example. They really have
relationships mastered, don't they? And old souls...true pillars of wisdom,
right? ;-)

When it comes to soul age it's about the journey, not the destination. Being a
particular soul age doesn't mean you've necessarily arrived at your station. In
fact, there are far more departures than arrivals: Mature souls keep busy
struggling with relationships and old souls strain their necks trying to see the
big picture.

Too many descriptions of soul age are static and depict what almost seems like a
 still-life. But, once again, it's all about the journey. The arrivals come 

This reminds me of a poem that Jane Hirshfield often mentions. 

Although the wind

blows terribly here,

the moonlight also leaks

 between the roofplanks

of this ruined house.

Using Buddhist symbolism where the moonlight suggests enlightenment, the poem
 says that although you've defended your psyche against the cold winds of life,
 such as anger, grief, etc, you have also blocked out the luminous moonlight and
 the enlightenment it brings. In other words, like any mortal, old souls do best
 when they allow themselves to experience the full spectrum of life.


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