Seven Tenets of Michael Teachings

Seven Tenets of the Michael Teachings

1. The teaching is for everyone and not owned by anyone. There is no
one true channel or official channel. By the same token not everyone
who purports to channel Michael actually is doing so. These people
should be gently ignored or exposed through their inconsistencies with
the actual teaching. There is nothing wrong with peer pressure in
regard to keeping the teaching clear.

2. The teaching holds the greatest truth for the greatest number of
people when it maintains internal consistency. That is, new information
is consistent with the basics such as that its purpose is to promote
unconditional acceptance of self and others; that evolution is a long
gradual process and there are no shortcuts on the road to cycling off
so that soul ages and levels are not skipped over.

3. The teaching is above personality differences that sometimes result
in conflicts or hard feelings between individuals.

4. The teaching is self-validating such that if information does not
feel right or hold true for people it may not be accurate or true for

5. The teaching be used to promote understanding and not used as a
divisive measure to create hierarchy or judgementalness. No one is more
special or important than anyone else in the eyes of the Tao,
regardless of soul age, role, or personal status.

6. The teaching is above the personality distortions that creep into
channeling by virtue of the channels' personality hopes and fears.

7. The teaching is independent from any one religious viewpoint or

The challenges are great but then the times call for extraordinary new
possibilities for cooperation and integrity. The Michael Teachings
represent a great experiment in consciousness. Can a teaching exist
that does not have the structure of a religion or government? Can a
teaching exist where there is no pope or earthly head or central
office? Can a teaching grow in a climate where there may be many abuses
of the information by people's greed, denial, distortions, political
agendas, or quests for power? Can a teaching prosper in a climate where
even older souls are heavily influenced by the need to make money to
survive in a highly competitive young soul world philosophy? Is the
world ready for a philosophy that indicates different soul levels
without everyone clamoring to be at the highest levels as has already
reared its ugly head in the ranks of the existing Michael community? 
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