1997 - Week 27



Date: Sun, 13 Jul 1997
Subject: first posting

Testing out the list -- Welcome! 


Date: Sun, 13 Jul 1997
Subject: Re: first posting and some techie info

Bill Franceschine wrote: > >Testing out the list -- welcome! > > Hello Lori and all! > > It is good to have a list dedicated specifically to the Michael > teachings! > My discussions in this area have been limited in the past to a very > good > friend and fellow student of the Michael teachings...and what little I > > could find on the internet, so this list is a welcome addition. > > Looking forward to hearing from you all! > 

I'm reposting this because I think it didn't make it to the list.... :^) Thanks Bill, and everyone who has replied to me directly! 

One thing I've noticed about the mailing lists so far (which may get changed sometime, I don't know) is that you may need to send to michael-teachings-l@spiritweb.org in your To: field, because using the cc: or bcc: fields might not get the message to the list. 

Also, you can only post to the list from the e-mail account which you signed up on. (I had a problem last week when we were testing the mailing list with not being able to post using the connection to the internet through my work--I had to go into my crl.com account directly in order to post to the list.) 

Soon we'll be able to have our profiles listed on the spiritweb.org mailing list archive, that way everyone can see who is signed up on the list, once the password is set. I've asked Rene to make the password, "agape," it's pretty appropriate don't you think? :^) That should be working sometime soon. 

Well if you encounter any problems with the list please let me or Rene know, since it is still in a testing phase at this point.

 Blessings, Lori

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