Previous Cycles Across Universe


I wondered what the average number of previous cycles was across the galaxy or universe might be, and what the largest number of previous cycles was by any physical plane inhabitant and how many of our years that might have taken them.


There's simply no way to equate cycles with earth years, which are defined by one planet's rotation around one star.

A client asked Michael:

Q. What is the universal average number of previous cycles?

MICHAEL: We would not know how to compute that for the whole universe.

Compared to planets that have any kind of direct relationship with Earth, we'd say that humans have a below-average number, which makes it exciting--new things can more easily happen.

Q. What do they mean by "direct relationship with Earth?"

SH: My guess is that they were referring to those species that are aware of Earth and/or whose growth is somehow tied to ours.

Q. "... which makes it exciting--new things can more easily happen" — Is Michael suggesting that souls with fewer cycles under their belts are less likely to place restrictions on their behavior, thereby leading to greater variation? And that more experienced souls call fall into ruts?

SH: That's how I take it. It seemed like they were saying that being younger/less experienced has some possible advantages, too. Beginners luck, for one.

Q. I would think that it would be the opposite. Knowing the possibilities open to you comes with age and experience. I would think that although experienced souls would engage in less "random" behavior, the scope and breadth of their behavior would be, on average, broader.

SH: Maybe it's like musical composers: those who are both better schooled and highly creative use previous experience as a springboard into the new, trying new versions of previous forms. Those who are well-schooled but less creative might stay within the boxes.

Those unschooled but adventurous might try unexpected things, perhaps clumsily but sometimes ingeniously--there's more of a fresh slate. The randomness can be valuable.

Marsha Norman, a playwright, wrote the lyrics to "The Secret Garden" on Broadway. She'd never written lyrics before but is a smart playwright. She didn't have much craft, in the Sondheim sense, but I loved what she did--it worked; it had integrity even if the rhymes, etc., weren't ingeniously and finely crafted. It's like painters such as Grandma Moses being referred to as being artless, in the sense of "without effort or pretentiousness; natural and simple."

So it could work either way. 

Humans seem to be bypassing common sense in many ways but maybe we are coming up with some interesting new things that work, even by accident.


I suppose the underlying investigation is about how big the big picture really is. Do sparks ever reunite with the Tao and not manifest again?


Since all is choice, yes. There are a lot of other games in the universe available to sparks besides incarnating as sentient species. JP VanHulle channeled that only 5% of the Tao is engaged in that one.


Or do we do this forever more in ever-expanding cycles?

I could expect that there would never be a time when this game ever stopped but do individuals ever stop playing it and if so is there a different game to go do??????


It's hard to imagine that the Tao would ever lose interest in creating sentient species, or what the alternatives might be, but it seems possible that it might move on to something else. That's way above even Michael's pay grade, as they say.

From another channeling:

Q. The average number of grand cycles of a person alive today is 4. What is the distribution of the number of grand cycles by percentage in today's population?

A. Virtually none of the world’s approximately 6.9 billion people have had zero previous cycles, but more than half have had 1-3. About ten percent have had eleven or above.

Q. In your awareness, what is the most grand cycles any sentient being has had? Millions? Countless?

A. Probably close to 1000.

My channeling practice isn't representative of the planet as a whole, but these are the numbers of previous cycles I've channeled on charts so far:

1-9: 554
10: 697
11: 3676
12: 2354
13: 869
14: 173
15: 46
16: 8
17: 9
18: 4
19: 2
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