Tree Consciousness

I was going through some old posts and found a question for
Michael that asked about trees. Michael answers that trees have a collective consciousness. What
kind of consciousness do trees have, actually, and is there anything 
one can do to please them? 


How lovely that you have the level of awareness and 
sensitivity you have to other living things - in this case, trees. 
Although every thing has consciousness, and every thing does not 
demand personal attention in the way we humans do of each other, 
when we are present on the physical plane, certain things apply that 
do not necessarily apply at the etheric or astral levels.

As we know, every physical thing needs nurture and nourishment.  
Those who are dependent on us include the plants that we grow inside 
our homes, in our gardens, and the trees, bushes, and flowers we 
nurture in our yards. These have physical needs which require 
attention and nurture. While our plants are surely glad to share 
consciousness (exchange energy, information, and so forth) 
unconditionally, that is, for nothing in exchange, being physical 
means they need sunshine, food, and water. In many instances, 
we "please" our plants by providing the physical plane elements that 
will continue to support their capacity to have an active 
consciousness on the physical plane. After all, that consciousness 
has roots here. And if they are trees located in a common area like 
a community park, they will often need pruning away of dead 
branches, and sometimes need to be sprayed against disease or the 
ravages of insects. Sometimes they are planted in zones where there 
is insufficient water, and then they need to be watered. Beyond 
that are the natural forests where human intervention is not 
required. Regardless, I think in all these cases tree consciousness 
can only be served by respectful and loving interaction. While 
there are trees that do not require human activity for their 
sustenance, surely an exchange of pure, loving energy results in 
elevated or sharpened consciousness for all. My sense is that your 
trees would be pleased (and happy) to receive the hugs and kisses of 
humans, (as well as thoughts and questions), and that the more 
conscious and directed is the dialogue we have with all trees (and 
nature, generally), the more everyone's evolution is enhanced.

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