About Animal's Missions

From the book, "Conversations with Horse," by Kate Solisti:

Q. Do horses have a pre-life contract to come onto the earth to 
serve a role or special purpose?

A. "Just as every human being does, each horse comes into form to 
grow and to learn. Although many humans at this time are unconscious 
of their individual soul's purpose, horses always have a conscious 
sense of why they are in form. Some of us come to serve and to 
teach, but this is always a learning process as well. If we have 
lived a painful lifetime, we will usually return to heal those 
memories. Sometimes the memories are so traumatic that we get stuck 
and repeat them over and over again. You do this as well. All souls 
and all beings in form have a desire to return to balance, 
wholeness, happiness, and love. This is our original purpose. We all 
share this."

"At this moment in time, Master Teacher horses are reincarnating.  
We are coming to re-establish and anchor the original contract of 
love and mutual respect between equines and humans. We feel that 
there is a shift taking place in human consciousness, and we are 
here to support it. These Master Teachers work on the energetic 
planes to cleanse, heal, balance, and realign all the energies in 
their environment. They are helping to heal the planet. Each human 
who believes that this is possible can support us by staying in 
their hearts and by giving energy to love and connection, not to 
fear and separation. This is of critical importance at this moment 
in time. Every human alive today is being asked to choose Love over 
fear. This decision starts with the little choices in everyday 
life, which leads to clarity with the bigger choices."

The horse's overarching mission: TO TEACH TRUST

From the book, "Conversations with Cat," by Kate Solisti:

Q. Do you have individuated souls like humans do?

A. "Let us state unequivocally: Cats have individuated souls just 
like human beings. We can't imagine why you would think otherwise! 
Each of us is evolving, lifetime to lifetime, just as each one of 
you is. We experience life, we learn, we grow. We are aware that we 
do this. We remember our past lives, and we know that we will be 
born, live, die, and be born again."

"It is interesting to us that some of you question this concept. 
Look around you. Every living thing on planet Earth is born, lives, 
dies, and is reborn again. How can you think that humans do not 
experience this cycle? Perhaps you view it in physical terms only. 
Well, as the DNA of an oak tree is passed is passed on to its acorn, 
so is the tree's consciousness and a piece of its soul. As the DNA 
of you humans is passed on to your children, so is a piece of your 
soul. As the DNA of a cat is passed on to our kittens, so is a 
piece of our soul. The soul remembers every experience it ever had. 
The soul remembers that it is individual, and at the same time, one 
with all other life forms. That is how we are all connected."

Q. Why did you decide to live with humans?

A. "Back thousands of years ago, we chose to inhabit the early 
Egyptian settlements because in them, the snakes and mice were 
plentiful. Also, we chose to help human beings remember who you 
really are. You are not what you think you are. You are beings of 
infinite light and beautiful energy. As you have moved out of 
friendship with the natural world, you have forgotten that. We 
joined you on your journey to remind you that you are a part of 
nature, not separate from it. We joined you on your journey to help 
you heal your spirits and bodies and to support you in being whole 
beings - divine energy in physical form. We joined you in your 
journey to help you reconnect to God."

The cat's overarching mission: TO TEACH LOVE WITHOUT ATTACHMENT

From the book, "Conversations with Dog," by Kate Solisti:

Q. Why do I love you more than most of the humans in my life?

A. "Our gift to you is unconditional love. We love you no matter how 
much or how little money you make, where you live, what size clothes 
you wear. With loyalty and devotion, we give you a model of 
commitment. With absolute trust and uncompromising joy, we show you 
who you can be. By being the rug beneath your feet which buffers 
you from all the harshness of life, we help you feel safe in your 
world. By sending and receiving love, we teach you that you are 
lovable to others. This is our only agenda."

"Most humans have not arrived at this uncomplicated place. Most 
humans still walk in the world afraid. You are afraid to change, 
afraid to stay the same. You are afraid to speak for yourselves, 
afraid to upset the apple cart. You seek prestige and respect, but 
can't give it to yourself. You collect things in order to fill up an 
empty space in your heart. As a result of this fear and baggage, 
you create obstacles between yourself and others. Obstacles create 
separation. Separation is loneliness. Loneliness is isolation.  
Separation leads to neediness. Neediness complicates human 

"Embrace life as we do and others will enjoy your company. Share 
love and enjoy each other unconditionally, just as we enjoy you.  
Live in the moment and make it spectacular. You will begin to find 
that one fabulous moment connects to another, and another, and 

The dog's overarching mission: TO TEACH UNCONDITIONAL LOVE
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