Essence and Pain

I'm sure my essence thinks it's all too much fun, but this personality isn't enjoying it at all.


What do you think - 

A. Essence prefers growth through pain.

B. Essence prefers growth through joy.

C. Essence is completely unable to distinguish between pain or joy.

D. Essence can distinguish, but doesn't give a flip. From where it 
sits, it gets to observe and absorb and absorb some more.  
Personality changes the stations and programs.

E. Essence is discriminating, but not at levels that personality can 

F. Essence only requires continuous availability of experience - 
good, bad, boring. Just give it experience, and make sure it's 
always something new and different.

G. Essence's desire for experience is either a myth or a 
misunderstanding. Essence just wants to love, and be loved in turn.

H. Essence has feelings, and we shouldn't make assumptions about what 
it's up to.

I. Essence and personality are one and the same.

J. Essence and personality are one, but not the same.

K. There is no such thing as Essence.

OK, that's enough.



Gloria... this is great.

I want to play ...assuming this is an open question.

What I think.... and what I KNOW are worlds apart perhaps even a universes
but it's fun to think every once in a while so the cobwebs don't completely
take over.

I'll start with what I know.... that'll automatically disclaim what ever I
think ; ).

What I "KNOW" is indescribable for me.... it is essence connection, my own
connection with essence, and the recognition of that connection in and
between or with others... outside of that very tiny little bit (which is
exquisite) all else is subject to change... so I invest little, I sit back
and watch the show - like watching a great movie where it all parts get tied
together at the end.

What I think is: what shows up on this plane is periodic essence expression
(truth) wrapped up in personality (a grab bag of sorts) - a nano expression
of the whole on our best essence connect day.... I don't think essence has
preference, personality is all about preference, after all it is a plane of
choices and consequence.... it's hard enough making a choice when one can
see potential consequence... just think if we didn't have preference to
suade us.... geez- stucksville.

Based on your wonderful multiple choice selection "D" resonates closest for
So I'll pick D.
Final answer.
I'll save my lifelines for later ; ).


I'm with you! "D" is the one that fits for me, also. I can count been 
at least two times (and perhaps more) when Essence nearly killed me with 
an ailment that was really only meant to get my attention. Of course, 
there have been several times when I suspect that essence played a very 
material part in saving my life, so I figure that the balance is at 
least even, if not somewhat positive. It is possible, however, that 
those fragments with a relatively low number of lives (less than 100) 
would have a quite different perspective.


Hmmm, this seems like you contradict yourself, most 
uncharacteristic of you! If essence doesn't give a flip (as in "D") then 
essence wouldn't be serving you up with lessons to learn from, or saving your 

I'd say essence does not want to be bored, for one, and what is boring is 
excessive repetition of ungrowthful patterns that it already has had its fill 
of. At some point essence also wants to avoid karma formation; this will be 
after it has gotten bored with the blood and guts and pain.

All the best, Ed


I'm sure the rat in the maze hasn't really considered that
the maze builder has only left it one way to the goal,
regardless of how much it hunts.

We can either find the essential absurdity of many of
the belief systems that currently rule the planet by
maintaining our awareness and thinking about it, or we
can have our noses rubbed in it.

What's occured to me about GWB is that he's one of the
people you call in when you want to wreck an organization.
He's done it once in this lifetime, and that's one way
of looking at his karma with Osama binLadin.

John R


Gloria, I loved this list :) And wish I could be madly creative in turn, 
but at the end of the day I'm a big old stick-in-the-mud joybear. I 
believe essence likes joy best. Mine certainly does, and I'm in growth so 
I get a lot of opportunity to learn from both pain and joy. I'll take Plan 
B for sure.
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