Shadow People

I'd like to offer my thoughts on such a wonderful opportunity as you have
experienced recently with your Derby topped-shadow person. When we see
'something', as you have, it might be relaxing to the heart and mind, to
understand that these phenomena are energy forms appearing within the
consciousness in a way that is patterned on multiple structures of belief
and uncertainty of the unknown and what can be accepted somewhat to the
psyche. What's to come, and the like.

We are the carriers and creators of these shadow people, ghosts, light
forms, fogs of light, extraterrestrials, parts of our own selves, including
the gender of the thing is what the psyche can accept to a degree, come to
remind ourselves to awaken and heal the 'body' of the dark shadow of the
past that it nurtures and stores. If he would have had the chance to tip his
hat, he might have been saying hello and goodbye.

Your shadow person wants to tell you 'something you already know' and it
allows you to use your imagination in a way that you have never done before
and I can say that I've not experienced an imagination as big and free as
many of you all appear to me to have...ha!

So, a part of ourselves will just appear to us at times in response to the
scheme of things that we volunteered to explore to help us to remember that
we are that thing.


Yeah, I saw them all right. Dozens of 'em. They inhabited the 
third story apartment of the tenement building I grew up in. My 
brother and sister saw them. These shadow figures would become 
active during twilight, and continued their nocturnal and seemingly 
aimless ramblings through the dark of night into dawn. Their 
variously shaped shadows hung or danced in the air, walked the walls 
and ceilings, and occasionally stalled at our beds. We would awaken 
suddenly to dark but humanoid figures apparently transfixed in 
thought or gaze - on us. Just once I saw the features on the face 
of a female shadow, a face distorted by malevolence. I was a small 
child when this happened, and I was, as you can imagine, terribly 
frightened. Although I rubbed my eyes and squeezed them shut many 
times, each time I opened them she stood there - still. And she 
didn't leave until the sun began to rise.

There were other supernatural events that took place in that 
apartment; this shadow phenomenon was just one variation of a theme 
that played only "tales from the dark side."

When we moved to our new environs on the 16th floor of a housing 
project, the shadow people and their ilk moved with us. And they 
followed me to my dorm at college. By that time, they had actually 
taken on more substance, and manifested greater abilities at 
manipulating the physical world I lived in. The taming of the 
monsters is another story, but suffice it to say that only in 
overcoming my fear of these wretched creatures was I able to defeat 
them. Even now, they like to drop in for a visit or to challenge my 
skills at keeping them at bay. But that's pretty rare, as there's 
not much fun for them in being given short shrift by a wrathful 



The subject of shadow people was discussed fairly frequently on Art Bell.  
The whole subject was veiled rather mysteriously on the show, but I merely 
thought people were seeing ghosts.  

The most prevalent way of viewing shadow people is out of the corner of the 
eye, and that makes alot of sense. It's a common practice among astronomers 
to gaze through a telescope through the side of the eye. The eye is more 
sensitive to light there, and perhaps this added sensitivity allows some 
people to see spiritual entities.  

I also wondered if these humanoid-like images were actually what they 
appeared to be -- shadows. At higher frequencies most ghosts are probably 
invisible to the human eye, but since they are inhabiting physical dimension, 
they must carry a certain amount of density. In other words, despite being invisible their 
energetic density could still create a shadow that is indeed visible.  

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