Hive Souls/Fragment Souls

 As I see it, if a soul is a fragment, it has NO direct connection
> to other souls. It was our loneliness that Michael commented on, our
> separation. "He" also comments several times about our perception of
> the world as being the only perception, and our clinging to our
> individuality. If you are discussing a hive soul, it retains this
> contact to all other hive souls, most directly those of the same
> "central facility" (ie - all dogs). This does give that hive-soul some
> advantages; it does not have to meet an individual and take time to
> assess them, "Central processing" already has a file on them, and
> reactions are already planned out: Ever notice how if someone abuses
> one cat, all cats are uneasy around them?


Human souls, while individuals, are fragmented from each other only by
virtue of their perception. We can choose to acknowledge and then exercise
the direct connections we actually have to each other, connections which
ignore and transcend the boundaries of physicality. Life is not informed
by palpable organism. It is informed by energy. Life is breath, chi, or
thought. We are living energy, and so are not subject to time or space
barriers. We send and receive communications via our energetic fields
continuously. Physical healing takes place at this level first. Diseases
are seen to develop at this level first, with the deterioration of energetic
layers that surround the body. However, not everyone is aware that this is
taking place. Michael's comment on our state of separation is not intended
to be construed as support for separation being an irrevocable and ultimate
condition. Rather, it is a statement of our perceived experience.

Cats are extremely sensitive to the energy fields of human beings. I don't
think their ability to read abusive potentials in a human is so much a
factor of having downloaded Cat Central's file on that person, as much as it
is their ability to see and interpret the energetic fields of human beings.
They see the dark splotches, and the tears and holes. This is also how they
perceive wounds, whether physical or emotional in humans. Experienced or
evolved cats can go directly to the site of wounding, because they see it.
This is more efficient, as it is direct, than accessing that information
first from Cat Central.

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