Psychic Abuse and Misconceptions


I feel through several of the chakras things that most people don't perceive. You may think how wonderful - but it's not always wonderful. In particular, there is an entity mate of mind who I had an affair with 23 years ago. That's when my psychic ability popped up. It was a HUGE learning experience. It took years for me to sort out what I was feeling, and to make a long story short, I discovered that he uses some sort of drugs and when he does, it sets up a most unpleasant vibration in my body…. Any helpful comments or observations would be appreciated.


I have been working for decades to learn how to run my empathy in a way that doesn't involve taking on other people's energies, whether it's specific people or the mass consciousness, and I'm still not always successful. Recently, I seem to be doing better with that after doing intensive work with Susannah Redelfs, an etheric surgeon and healer. Her site is I've also been working with John Friedlander, who is the author of several books on psychic development. He was a member of Jane Roberts' Seth group in Elmira, NY, in the 1970s. Susannah's site and John's books offer many useful exercises, and both offer individual sessions. They are both long-time Michael students and good friends of mine.

My understanding is that we develop habits in the way we run our energy over many lifetimes that may not be the most constructive. They can be hard to identify without outside assistance. For example, we may take on other people's energies out of a desire to help them, but it's not actually much help to them, and it hurts us. We can become more sophisticated in how we offer help.

More importantly, there can be weaknesses in our energy field that allow other energies to get in. Becoming stronger spiritually/energetically can solve a lot of problems.
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