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...Every time I have questions and go to "my people" for answers, they are
patient enough to give me a few terse replies, but as soon as I'll let them
they change the whole connection and move away from verbal back-and-forth
into much larger exchanges and adjustments and infusions of energy. As soon
as they start that, it's like being popped out of a little cramped room into
the wide open outdoors. I get a whole lot more out of it than I would have
gotten from a Q&A session, and when we're done the questions I started with
have melted away.

...I do have to say the greatest benefit I gain from attending the best
channeling sessions is the energy presence, not so much the words. I would
think ultimately each person would want their own energy presence. IMO
that's the ultimate purpose of exercises like yoga or tai chi (or
musicianship or whatever) -- to build one's capacity to hold beautiful
energies in the body, or in the consciousness. This is beneficial to all,
not just a form of self-gratification.

A good Q&A session is of value though -- for one thing, it provides a focal
point for group interaction, much as Michaelity has given this group a
shared vocabulary and some topics to kick around. For another, it can
sometimes get a person over some life obstacle more quickly than any other
form of assistance. I would think people with the Intellectual trap would
benefit the most from this. But we need to engage all our being, not just
our intellect, and we need to develop our own internal structure, not just
lean on an exterior one.

(Not throwing anything away here, just suggesting a reordering of


So well put, Mary, and something rarely discussed on these lists. I tell
clients that a session's energy work is at least as valuable as the words,
although well-chosen words can, in fact, be part of the energy work by
triggering healing and higher awareness. As you say, words also help keep
listeners focused on something while work is being done, like a meditation's
mantra. A lot of us get fidgety in total silence, and our mind wanders away
from what is at hand.

I start channeling sessions mostly silently, perhaps giving a few pointers
on grounding or clearing, based on what I see in the person's energy field.
The energy can quickly get intense as I bring Michael in, and people often
report that they feel and see unusual phenomena, such as tingling and
movement of energy. It usually feels very good, even blissful, but there can
be moments of discomfort as blocks come up. In person, sometimes people see
intense light or see my face and costume change over and over as various
guides "pop in" to "say hi" while Michael is working. Obviously, the visual
element is usually lacking with phone sessions (which account for most of my
sessions these days.)

Typically, clients report feeling "nervous" starting about 40 minutes before
I call, as Michael starts preparing them for the session. This is similar to
stage fright, which is not necessarily fear, but the body mobilizing for an
increase in frequency and energy flow. If people work with grounding
(sending their energy down into the earth and bringing earth energy up into
their body), the nervous feeling usually vanishes, replaced by a sense of
relaxation and comfort.

When the Q & A starts, I suggest that clients view it as a sort of open-eyed
meditation, keeping half their focus on what they're feeling. Still, when
turning attention to one's questions, especially if they're troubling,
awareness of the energy tends to diminish, although it continues under the
surface. After the questions are over, the energy work goes full throttle
for at least several minutes, and it can bring profound changes for people.
Almost everyone feels substantially better than when the session started.

Channels bring through energy in varying amounts, depending in part on their
channeling agreements. Because Michael's energy is so intense for me, I can
only do one session in a day and no more than five in a week. I'm pretty
exhausted afterward, and my mind isn't much good for things like adding
numbers, for example. I usually schedule sessions in the evening so that I
can vege afterward.

The human body is not designed for causal plane energy, so channeling it is
bound to stretch and tire it; channeling a lot of it will stretch and tire
it a lot. I don't have six or seven casting, so that makes it a little
harder for me; it's like getting a television signal through an antenna
rather than cable. I'm also spent because my body is used as a sort of air
filter for the energy work, pulling out debris and disposing of it. In
addition, my body's energy is used to transmit Michael's healing energy
through blocks, so I'm often worked pretty hard, and a lot is accomplished
in one session. However, I've learned some pointers over the years that have
helped reduce channeling wear and tear, such as grounding, asking Michael to
step down the energy a notch, and bringing Michael in only to my crown
chakra, filling my body with their energy from there.

Some channels buzz with energy afterward and want to be active. This seems
to be especially true of trance channels who "leave" during the
session--they haven't been working much. It depends on how the channel works
and, again, the nature of his agreements.

In addition, there's hard mental work as Michael uses my faculties to find
words and psychically read people's situations. With trance channels, the
channel's faculties are usually used less. Entities channeled in deep trance
are often astral fragments still familiar with the English language (or
whatever language is being used) and the circumstances of modern life.
Causal entities might need more raw material from the channel.

I also do energy work in my non-channeled Intuitive Readings, in which I do
spirit guide communication, mediumship (speaking to one's deceased loved
ones on the astral plane), past-life work, animal communication, as well as
the same kind of Q & A material one might ask in a Michael session. I've
learned a lot over the years from Michael's work through me. These sessions
are more casual and the energy work is less intense than with Michael, with
little causal energy, so they're a lot easier on my body, although they are
still powerful and transformative. I really enjoy doing these sessions
because they allow me to use my own truth sensors.

Those who aren't sensitive to energy work still receive benefit but may not
be able to validate it. Such people may be more attracted to working with
someone who mostly channels through the intellectual center. We are each
intuitively attracted to practitioners with whom we can have a positive

The work of the Yarbro channels is heavily concentrated in the intellectual
center, and that contributes to its exquisite precision. Sarah told me that
she and Yarbro had similar backgrounds. Sarah read 2-3 books a week for 50
years, and Yarbro, I understand, is also very well read and educated. It
makes a difference what a channel brings to the table.

My ability to channel intense energy stems in part from years of work with a
spiritual group, the Emissaries. In our regular services, the leader was
basically channeling his essence, although that wasn't acknowledged, and we
were taught to generate and contain a collective energy designed to radiate
to the world, offering healing. I wasn't very good at staying focused in
those services, but at least I got some experience of containing energy.
Years of channeling vastly improved my concentration and expanded my ability
to channel energy. Through Sarah, Michael said that they were glad that they
are able to work through me in that way.

I find working with dense intellectual material as in Yarbro fascinating,
but I'm not really that well educated in terms of things like history and
science, and I'm not much of a book reader (although I'm always reading
something; like many sages, I favor periodicals, and now I read a lot on the
web). However, my work is very satisfying--it's clear to me that I'm doing
what I came here to do.

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