Is Archangel Michael The Same As The Michael Entity?

This is a question that was asked by somebody in a channeling session with Nora Herold (who channels many beings, mostly higher dimensional collectives, such as Yeshua, 9D-12D Pleiadians, etc.). Nora channeled this response from Archangel Michael:

"Technically, no. The Michael of the Michael Teachings is a whole other system - they're a different group that has more of an extraterrestrial frequency or designation. I would be the Archangel Michael like Uriel, Raphael, Gabriel. That [Michael Teachings] information has been very helpful to many on the planet. And it also categorizes, creates identity and in some ways can limit as well. You're not really any of those categories. 

So we're asking all of you to step out of naming yourself in any way whether it be naming yourself as an earthling, naming yourself as an archetype, or naming yourself as male or female. You're really not any of that. You are universal beings of Light. And you've chosen to incarnate at this point in time, but your original form has no gender, has no point of origin other than Source. You are Source energy here on earth at this time, taking on an earthly costume that happens to be either male or female in look, but you all carry both male and female energy with you. That is the whole being, fully expressed male and female energy, no matter what the body is."

Since I recently asked similar questions through JP Van Hulle, I'd like to share that information here as well:

Q: What dimension is the Michael Entity at? What exactly is mid-causal? Are they in our Energy Ring #17 or #16 (by Troy)? Is the Michael entity in any way related to (or associated with) Archangel Michael?

Michael says:

"We are all technically in the same dimension, and in fact, also operate in all parallel dimensions. Different planes are a matter of different frequencies. When you die, for instance, your essence proceeds from the frequency of thought (physical plane frequency) to that of just beyond the speed of light (astral plane frequency). The space between constituting the Bardo or entryway to the Astral Plane....often referred to as the first level of the Astral Plane....though there are different physical laws governing the Bardo rather than the rest of the Astral Plane. The Causal Plane is that next frequency higher than the astral, followed by the Mental, Messianic, Buddhaic Planes, and eventually the Tao. 

We (Michael) constitute the 4th entity of the 10th Cadre of Energy Ring #17. We have always maintained that we are in the same Energy Ring as our students. It is why we are your teachers, and is basic karmic payback for you having taught us in past cycles where you preceded us in cycling off the Physical Plane. 

We have in many societies been seen (as most spiritual guides are) as angelic and some of history's stories about "Archangel Michael" have been erroneously ascribed to us. People who do this know nothing of angelic order. "Angels" are generally the name given to those who have died and achieved a more saintly other words spiritual guides that are sometimes experienced in ghostly form. Though the church sees Angels as always different than and separate from mankind, the experience that people have of Angels is actually the contact people experience with those at the lowest two levels of the Astral Plane, and constitute those who are between lifetimes or just recently cycled off.

Archangels are actually the name for those essences from the higher levels of the Astral who have contact with someone physical. The Causal level of contact would be at the next level of vibration and be technically known as Principalities, so we would properly be known as Michael the Principality. Those on the Mental Level are the Powers. The lower Messianic Levels are the Virtues while the higher Messianic are the Dominions, various levels of the Buddhaic Plane constitute the Thrones, Cherubim and Seraphim.

All of our Michael fragments went through cycles of human lifetimes....but the frequency of the angelic energies are equivalent to the frequencies of the different planes as we have described. True angelic energy is directed by the Tao and has no independent consciousness. What people pray to and refer to as Angels, Archangels, etc. differs from true angelic energies. People want to relate to personas, therefore they rarely actually pray to or relate to angels but rather to cycled off fragments that resonate to angelic frequencies. Angels and Archangels, etc. can be designed by the Universe to take on the tasks of Warriors, etc. but they are not ensouled beings."
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