Allergies Are Denials

I asked Sarah Chambers/Michael about that cryptic comment [from Michael]:

What causes allergies, such as people who love cats being allergic to them, and what can
be done about it? If denial is involved, what is the denial? (Maybe Michael
could list several allergies and discuss them individually.) Is blood type
involved (as in the popular diet book: "Eat Right 4 Your Type")?

Hi Shepherd:

Michael had this to say in response to your question:

Answer: It was not our intention to leave you with the cryptic comment:
"allergies are denials." However, our memory of that occasion is that the
topic within the group swiftly moved on to something else. Perhaps
"avoidance" would have been a better choice of words. And it also depends
upon when the allergy first manifests. Children will often manifest an
allergy to avoid having to remember or deal with something from a past life.
Adults, on the other hand, with manifest allergies to avoid past life
memories, but will also manifest some allergies in order to avoid something
that is current. In others, it is the sign of a weakened immune system and,
yes, it can be due to a faulty diet or to environmental toxins.
Peter's dietary advice, by the way, is not a panacea, but it is a
reasonable diet for many people. For instance, if type Os are going to eat
all that meat and butter, then they are going to have to follow Peter's
exercise advice also. Peter is, by the way, a mature scholar, who had many
painful gastrointestinal problems related to a faulty diet. These could
have been regarded as allergies by a less enlightened person, and actually,
under a broad definition of the word allergy, that assessment could be
considered correct.

If you feel bloated after eating; if you retain fluid in your abdomen,
but not in your pedal digits; if you break out in a sweat, a rash, hives or
any other embarrassment of the integument, then you probably ate something
you should not eat at all. Even if it is on the highly beneficial list for
your blood type, you should not eat anything that makes you feel ill.
Allergies to animal dander, as well as allergies to other animals is
usually related to a weakened immune system. Even fragments with Type AB
blood can be healthy if they are careful. Immune systems can be boosted.
The really healthy fragment does not have allergies and does not have
adverse reactions to his/her dinner or pet. Look within yourself to see if
you are avoiding anything and, if not, then look carefully at your diet."

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